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Radio Control Model Airplanes

Humans have a historic aspiration to reach for the sky. At first it was reflected in myths and tales. Time and reality brought us to the Wright brothers, Lindbergh and Earhart. Even today pioneers still exist in a quest for new knowledge. We touch the sky as often as we want.

Radio control model aviation is a step in that direction. Our planes can duplicate those of the past, present, or even the future. It is an enjoyable hobby that offers fun, fascination, and education for all ages.
Joining the Club
If you would like to join the 107th Aero Squadron, please download and complete the membership form PDF.
Please Note: Cook county requires that you be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) to fly at the field. If you are not a member of the AMA you can find their membership forms at this location.
Getting Started
Anyone who wants to, can become a participant in this hobby. Radio Control flying however is not a snap for everbody! It is a skill that is developed over time Success requires a desire to and dedication to learn. Foremost are learning and practicing rules for the safety of yourself and those around you! Once the basics are mastered you can settle in for peaceful Sunday flying or streak through the sky in amazing gyrations like air show wonders.
The same physics that allow a real plane to fly is at work with these smaller cousins. A college degree in aeronautics or real plane experience is not required! Trying to learn by yourself is possible. Unlike the real thing, you can walk away from your mistakes. Your losses can however, be costly in terms of your money and time. Frustration can build from minimal or no success.
First Flights
Just like a real plane, you should not start one up and head down the runway. You need to have a basic understanding of flight and how to control the aircraft. Using a "buddy box" an instructor can take you up and keep you out of trouble with a dual control setup. If you are interested in radio control models the 107th Aero Squadron would like to share your first and continuing flight experience.

Please come and visit us at our flying field.